Can a Detox Be Good for Your Health?

Detox and Health

If you’re reading any health literature right now, you’ve probably run across advice for detoxing your body. The logic is that over time your body can accumulate toxins which can lead to illness and disease. But is this really true? The detox plans are often severe and aren’t recommended for everyone to try as they can be difficult to follow. Only you can make the decision as to whether a detox is in your body’s best interest. Here’s what you need to know about detoxes.

Do You Need to Detox Your Body?

The first thing you will want to ask yourself is whether you need to detox your body or not. When you live in the world, you accumulate toxins without even realizing it. These toxins might come from the air, i.e. pollution, or they might come from a diet rich in processed foods. In either case, you will accumulate toxins, whether you want to or not. The more you expose yourself to pollution and processed foods as well as toxic beauty products and cleaning supplies, the more of these toxins you will accumulate in your body. And if your body can not remove them quickly, that’s when they can do damage.

Why Fasting is a Bad Idea

Fast Detox is not good for your Health

Many of the detox plans encourage people to fast to remove the toxins. The thought is that when you allow your body to use its energy for other activities besides digestion, you will encourage the removal of the toxins more rapidly. But fasting has its problems as well. For many people, fasting is impossible as it will decrease their blood sugar so much that they feel unwell. For others, the prospect of fasting can be so difficult that they can not maintain their plan for long. Doctors generally believe that fasting is a bad idea as this can slow your metabolism and cause you to have severe headaches, stomachaches, and other ill effects. Plus, it can be difficult for your body to eat when you finally do break the fast.

How to Do a Detox Correctly

Instead of looking at a detox as something which requires you to remove all food from your diet, you need to think about detoxing as something you can do daily – by choosing unprocessed foods and natural products. The fewer toxins you introduce to your body, the less you will need to remove from your body. By taking the time to eat naturally, you will allow your body the chance to remove the toxins naturally – without the need for a harsh detox plan. Adding more water to your day will also help you to flush away any toxins you might have accumulated in your body as well.

Health Assessments With Health Snapshot

Health Snapshot

But as many of us are still a little out of touch with the way our bodies feel, it can be helpful to use something like Health Reviser’s Health Snapshot on a daily basis. This health program will allow you to see just how healthy you are now and then you can track this progress from day to day. In just a few minutes, the program will measure the health in your body, allowing you to see whether you need to make more changes to your diet and exercise plan or if you are on the road to good health. Convenient to use and helpful for long term health assessment and monitoring, Health Snapshot allows you to see whether you need to make changes to your life – and then you can see how these changes improve your health.

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Health Snapshot

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