Frequently Asked Questions

An ear-clip is designed to be attached to the earlobe. Place it on your earlobe so that it sits securely and comfortably. You may have to remove your earring if needed for secure placement. If you have a visible hole in your earlobe, make sure it is not right in the center of the clip where a light emitter is situated. If you have troubles with placing the clip on your earlobe, you can comfortably place it on a finger tip. Make sure that you are in a relaxed sitting position during the measurement process. Try to limit abrupt body movements. Simply follow the intuitive instructions when running each test.

Yes. Different Health Monitor packages allow for multiple users using the same account and sharing one pulse wave sensor.

Yes. You can view your previous test results by accessing your records through your locally installed Health Monitor program connected to your account online. You can also access your online account through a web browser to get a lot of helpful information regarding your health, fitness and much more. However, you will not be able to run new tests if you do not have a pulse wave sensor connected to your PC.

It is a miniature device that measures your pulse wave by means of a special optical ear-clip probe, which senses pulsations in your blood flow caused by your heartbeats. The device is connected to your PC via a standard USB port. The pulse wave sensor device is always included in our package kit.

Our product measures your heart rate and evaluates your heart rhythm patterns and also provides your individual safe target heart rate zones for your reference.

Our product is designed to measure your body's physiology and assess your condition using valid and scientifically proven algorithms. Your condition is assessed in a comparison to the normal values specific to your age and gender. The results of tests may vary depending on time of day, time of eating, quality of sleep or exercise one has done. The more test results you accumulate in your account the more accurate and definitive picture of your health and fitness you will see.

It depends on the type of services provided by the Health Reviser. A general recommendation is to use the Health Snapshot a minimum two times per week, while the Biological Age test should be done at least twice a month. This will provide an accurate evaluation of your wellness trend in the progress profile over time. We recommend doing the Fitness Test 2-3 times a week before exercising to obtain your resting score. It is recommended that you use the Health Reviser product for testing at the same time period during the day. Use the Stress Sweeper training on a daily basis during breaks and after work to achieve the best results in resetting your body after the influence of daily stressors.

The company honors the following return policy in case our customers are not satisfied with the product, service or any part of it:

Health Reviser software kit with CD and pulse sensor device:
If you're not happy with our product and you purchased it from then simply contact our Customer Support department and we will always do our best to solve any problem you have with the product.

If you purchased your product or service from another retailer, you will need to contact that retailer in order to return it. Retailers’ return policies may vary.

30 day Money Back Guarantee:
If you purchased your Health Reviser from you may return the complete package within 30 days of your purchase date. We will refund your purchase price minus the cost of shipping and handling.


No. You have to purchase Health Reviser from us to register your own account. The kit always includes a new sensor. You can still use your old sensor as well.

Yes. The Health Reviser comes with one-year warranty on the pulse wave sensor device and 90 days - on the ear clip. Please note that any damage to the device due to mishandling as well as the usual wear-and-tear process due to its intensive use is not covered by the warranty.

  • Windows 2000™ SP4, Windows XP™ SP2, Windows Vista™ SP1 or newer OS
  • Microsoft .NET Framework™ 2.0
  • CPU Pentium™ 4, 1.2GHz speed or better
  • 1Gb of RAM
  • One USB 1.1 (or 2.0) port
  • Video card with 64Mb and resolution 1024x768 or higher

Basically, you need a computer running windows XP or newer Windows and one available USB port for the device. More detailed information you can see on our website