Helping Your Spouse Get Fit

Family and Fitness

One of the biggest challenges families face is uneven fitness levels. When one partner is fit and the other is not, it can cause things to seem a little unbalanced. But you can encourage your spouse or partner to be fit and healthy with you. All you need to do is to make fitness a shared activity you both enjoy. In time, you will see that you are creating a family of fitness enthusiasts – and you might become people who just can’t sit still anymore.


Nudging a Partner to Get in Shape

Take your partner to get in shape. The problem you will face in the beginning is talking a partner into getting in shape. While they might know they are out of shape, they might also feel strange about someone telling them this too. Granted, if you are in a relationship, this might be easier, but realize that your partner might not be open to your suggestions at first. Instead, you might want to start by sharing your concerns about their health. This way, the exercise seems like something which will benefit both of you, not just the partner who is out of shape.

Exercise Together

Spouse Fit

Improve your fitness level while having fun. Having an exercise partner always makes exercise much more enjoyable. When you find activities you can share with your partner, you will be able to create a plan which you both stick to and enjoy. Try to find times when you can workout at night or in the morning together, allowing you to keep each other on task and to help each other reach various fitness goals. The idea of the workouts should be to encourage each other, not necessarily to be competitive. Since one partner may be in much better shape, you don’t want to leave one person behind during a workout. Sometimes you might not be able to workout at the same time, but that should be the goal whenever possible.

Choose Fun Fitness Activities

Motivate and innovate for better fitness. Each of the partners should try to come up with new and innovative ways to work out. Finding new activities will help you stay interested in exercise, while also helping to keep each other motivated. You might try to do something like mountain climbing or wall climbing, for example. Or you might train for an event together for a little friendly competition. No matter what you decide to do, you will want to ensure you are doing things together and that you are keeping variety in your exercise plan.

The couple who exercises together may stay together longer too. Having something you can share with each other will not only keep you both healthy, but it will also allow you to enjoy the company of each other on a frequent basis.

Measure Your Fitness Level with Fitness Test

Fitness Test

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