Should You Worry about Your Fitness Level When You’re Sick?

Your Fitness Level And You

When you’re not feeling very well, it can be tempting to skip your workout routine. After all, you might be feeling congested, exhausted, and simply unwell. But when you’re committed to improving your fitness level, is it a good idea to skip that workout? Here are the two arguments about working out and how your workouts should change if you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

The Case for Rest

For those who are feeling sick, it might be tempting to rest as opposed to trying to boost your fitness level. You might feel that your body needs a little time to repair itself and to begin to find the time it needs to become well again. If you take a day or two off of your fitness routine, you will probably not lose any of your fitness results and you might just avoid a longer time away from working out. When some people workout when they are sick, they can be making their body feel even more stressed, which can cause the recovery time to be longer which can cause you to miss even more workouts.

The Case for Exercise

Fitness Level And You

On the other hand, exercise does boost the immune system. For some, they feel that the exercise will allow them to sweat out their germs and get on the track to wellness. Gentle exercise can be used as a replacement for a harder workout, but the continued exercise will help to keep the body active and healthy. Done on a regular basis, exercise can also reduce stress and the severity of some illnesses. Some people find that they also seem to ‘forget’ about their sickness when they workout, helping to keep them from being down for the count when they get a cold or the flu. After all, it is very good for your fitness level.

Rules to Remember

No matter how sick you are or whether you decide to exercise, there are some things to keep in mind when worried about your fitness level. First of all, it’s never a good idea to workout when you have a high fever or when you are severely congested. Not only will this be quite uncomfortable, but you will also find your sickness can linger. You will want to wait until you’ve been free from a fever or stomach upset for 24 hours to ensure your body has enough time to rest before heading to the gym again.

Your fitness level will not decrease if you miss one workout or even several workouts. It might be in your best interest to listen to your body and to take the rest it needs in order to feel better. With time, you will be back up and ready to reach your new fitness goals.

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