Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Women are always younger biologically

It is well known that women live longer than men throughout the entire world. Some reasons deal with how a woman’s heart can be more active during some common conditions. These are all reasons that deal with a person’s biological age and can show some great differences in biological aging between men and women.

One of the most common reasons as to why women live longer than men is because of how a woman’s heart can become more active. A major part of one’s biological age is that of one’s heart activity in that when the heart is more active and healthier a person’s biological age can be reduced because of how the heart is still working in a proper way. A woman’s heart tends to be more active primarily because of how the menstruation process causes the heart to exercise and to work at a greater level.

What happens in menstruation that causes a woman’s heart to become active is that the estradiol hormone is released in the woman’s body during the process. Estradiol will work to give the woman’s heart a greater amount of energy because this is an especially powerful form of estrogen that can cause her heart to be more active. It is more powerful than other types of estrogen that can be found in a woman’s body. Because of the workout that is given to the heart during the menstruation period the heart will be able to work at a better rate and as a result to help with getting one’s biological age reduced.

Women Live Longer

Another factor on why women live longer than men deals with the hormones that are produced in a woman’s body. Estrogen works differently than the testosterone that is produced in a man’s body. Testosterone can cause a man to engage in some more aggressive types of behavior that can be especially risky over time. Also, testosterone can increase LDL cholesterol levels in a man’s body. Estrogen does not have as much of a cholesterol risk at testosterone does. Some reports even suggest that estrogen can help to increase HDL cholesterol levels in a woman’s body. HDL cholesterol is considered to be “good” cholesterol and can be very helpful with improving one’s biological age.

Of course general behaviors that women partake in that can impact one’s biological age can be a major factor as well. Men are generally found to be more likely to smoke or drink alcohol than women. These activities are ones that are going to increase one’s biological age over time. The fact that women do not develop especially risky behaviors through estrogen production like men do with testosterone production is another factor to consider.

These are all good reasons to consider as to why women live longer than men. These reasons deal with factors like the increased heart activity that a woman experiences during menstruation or how estrogen does not create higher LDL cholesterol levels in a woman’s body. All of these are factors that impact the biological ages of men and women.

In conclusion it's worth to mention that it is recommended to monitor your biological age for both men and women. Monitoring biological age with such tools as Health Reviser's Biological Age test will help to optimize anti-ageing programs, improve health, reveal hidden health issues early.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

Biological Age Test

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Biological Age Test

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