What Causes Us to Age

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There are all sorts of different things in life that can cause people to feel older than what they really are. The things that cause us to age at a faster rate than others include a lack of a healthy diet or exercise and all sorts of different risks that can come about in one’s life.

Biological ageing and healthy diet. Not having a healthy diet can cause anyone to age at a faster rate. When a diet that does not contain enough good nutrients or is not well balanced is consumed the body can become weak over time and the heart and other organs may not be able to work properly. When this happens the body will feel much older than what is really is.

Biological age and stress. Stress is something that causes people to become older as well. Stress is known to add to one’s age because stress can cause the body to become tired and less likely to take care of itself. This can cause a person’s biological age to increase because the body won’t be able to fight off some harmful conditions as easily as others.

Biological age and exercise. A lack of exercise can cause the body to age. Exercise is a necessity in that it works to help with keeping the body in good shape while working to keep the body from developing any harmful conditions that can add to one’s biological age. When exercise is not a part of one’s everyday life it can be easier for a person to age faster.

Biological age and health risks. Various different risks in life can cause us to age. Exposure to pollution can cause the body to become weak because of a reduced ability to breathe. The consumption of tobacco can impact the body’s ability to breathe and to relax naturally as well. Drinks with caffeine and alcohol in them can be harmful too.

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Be active and be young. Being inactive in life can be something that causes people to age as well. Inactivity can cause the body to become sluggish and as a result it can be harder for the body to be capable of doing more things. This makes it harder for the body to be able to act closer to the age that the person is already in.

Support from others to improve your ageing. The last thing that causes us to age is that of not having a good amount of support from other people. Many people who live alone tend to have higher biological ages because of how they are less likely to be happier and more active. When this occurs it will be easier for the body to be inactive and to keep from having a good amount of energy that can be used to do things that can reduce one’s biological age.

All of these factors are things that cause us to age. These factors include not having a good diet or exercise regimen and being inactive. Many general risks in life can cause us to age quickly too. All of these factors are ones that should be avoided in order to get one’s biological age to be reduced.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

Biological Age Test

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. It’s never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track one’s biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.

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Biological Age Test

Biological Age Test. Personal tool to evaluate and monitor biological age. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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