Biological Age - Slowing Down the Aging Process

Biological age Slowing Down

Lowering biological age. It is important to age gracefully and to not let your biological age get the best of you over time. You can age with ease when you use the right methods of handling your body. Here are some useful tips that can be used to help with slowing down the aging process.

Use antioxidants. It helps to first consume more foods that have antioxidants in them. Antioxidants are known as materials that work to remove the free radicals that can come into a person’s body and weaken it by killing off cells. They will practically cancel out the free radicals. When these parts of the body are removed it will be easier for the body to look its best and also to prevent heart disease and other common medical conditions that occur in older people like Alzheimer’s.

Fruits and vegetables are among the most common foods that can have these antioxidants that work towards reducing your biological age. Blueberries and apples are some of the best foods to use. Foods that are plant-based can be useful as well.

Slow down aging process with water. Consuming more water is another tip to use for slowing down the aging process. It helps to have a couple of quarts of water everyday but a good rule of thumb for you to use is to consume one quart of water for every fifty pounds that you weigh. Water can be used as a natural detoxifier by helping to remove wastes in the body that can cause the body to weaken over time. It is best to avoid alcoholic of caffeinated drinks because they can add to the toxins in the body that can increase one’s biological age.

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Relax to reduce biological age. Another tip for reducing one’s biological age is to relax more often. This can be done through deep breathing exercises and yoga. Stress is known for being something that can increase your biological age over time. By relaxing more often it will be easier for your body to improve on its energy levels. It can improve blood circulation too because the body will not have a great amount of stress on it during a period of relaxation. Having a good relaxation regimen can be very helpful for this purpose.

Sleep better and live longer. Finally it is good to get a good amount of sleep every night. This is important when it comes to reducing your biological age because if you do not get enough sleep your reflexes can be damaged and the amount of stress that you have to deal with can increase. Your hormones will also be well regulated while you rest. Rest is necessary in that it is used to help with getting the body to naturally heal and relax.

It is important that these tips for slowing down the aging process are used. These tips deal with your diet, lifestyle and your general behaviors in that they will work to help with getting your body to feel healthier. By following these tips it will be easier for you to lower your biological age so that you will feel younger.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

Biological Age Test

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. It’s never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track one’s biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.

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Biological Age Test

Biological Age Test. Personal tool to evaluate and monitor biological age. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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