Home Health Advice for Apartment Dwellers

Health Advice for Apartment Dwellers

When you rent an apartment, you might not think about your home health issues. After all, the apartment isn’t yours to keep; you’re just renting it until you can find something better. But this home also has potential for problems. If you learn ahead of time what sorts of problems your apartment might have, you can begin to find out more about how to protect your health while you live in that apartment complex. Most homes are safe, but double checking is never a bad idea.

The Lead Paint Question

Your home health is affected by paint. If you’re moving into an older apartment, you might want to ask the apartment owners or managers how long it’s been since they’ve repainted the space. In older apartments and homes, lead paint may still be present, affecting your home health. This lead paint is often not dangerous to adults, but if you have children or pets who might try to eat the paint chips, this can lead to lead poisoning. If you suspect that lead paint is present, you will want to make sure any paint chips are cleaned up and that the old paint is sealed away with a new coat of paint.

Do You Have Toxic Mold?

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Is mold healthy? Toxic mold, or black mold, is a dangerous fungus which can build up in the walls, behind toilets and showers, as well as on the ceilings. This mold can affect those in the home with allergies, while also causing respiratory problems and other health problems in those who have inhaled it for long periods of time. The problem with this home health issue is that it’s often hidden from sight and it is difficult to remove. Often, the wall or wood where the mold is located can not simply be cleaned. Those areas actually need to be replaced with fresh wood in order to be healthy again.

New Carpets, New Danger

Can carpet be troublesome for your health? For some people, the new carpets installed in an apartment can be troublesome. Since the carpet can release its own toxins, the poisons linger in the air, causing home health problems. If you’re getting a new carpet in your apartment, ask for a low fiber carpet or make sure the carpet is installed during the warmer months. This way, you can keep the windows of your apartment open for as long as possible in order to flush out the toxins which might be released into the air.

Apartments may seem to be safe, but many of them are older and some of the fixes to their appearance may cover over more serious troubles. With these home health issues in your mind, you can make sure your apartment is as safe as possible. Or you might want to move elsewhere. Make sure to use Health Snapshot on a regular basis to be able to reveal negative health trends early and take an appropriate action.

Monitor Your Health at Home

Health Snapshot

With Health Snapshot, you can begin to change the way you look at your health. Instead of simply being a person who waits to get sick, you can take charge today and prevent illness in the first place by simply monitoring your health. While it might seem that you are starting out in poor health, realize that you can turn things around quickly and see positive results in just weeks. With the Health Snapshot, it only takes a few minutes to see what your body needs from you and then you can take the appropriate actions. You will see the results on your computer and make the necessary changes to your life.

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Health Snapshot

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