A Health Monitoring Challenge

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Sometimes it’s hard to see just how important it is to support your own health – until you’re sick. Instead of waiting for disease to overtake you, it’s a good idea to begin to seek out new ways of motivating yourself to be healthy. Together with your friends, you might want to setup a health monitoring challenge. This will allow everyone to reach their health goals as well as begin to see that good health doesn’t have to be difficult to gain or to maintain.

The Challenge

Everyone should begin by getting together to discuss their health goals. These goals don’t have to be the same, but they should have a clear definition or end point. This will help everyone to measure their progress and to make sure they are still on track. The goals can be placed in a health monitoring program or they might be best put onto a website or online forum where you can all access each other’s status updates. In doing so, you will be able to see how everyone else is doing and whether you need to pick up the pace. As of health goal examples there can be reaching balance in Health Snapshot or getting 240 or higher score in Stress Sweeper.

Keeping Up with Others

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While you might not be a competitive person, there is something to be said for challenging others in health monitoring goals. You will be able to talk yourself into workouts when you don’t feel like it and you will be able to set new goals when you’ve reached the old ones. Plus, you can see what others are doing and emulate them in order to reach new goals you didn’t know you wanted to reach. The more you check in with each other, the more you will inspire the others to do the best they can for their health. Hey, my fitness level is 5.6, what's yours?

The Rewards

At the end of the challenge or a certain time period, it’s a good idea to reward your selves for all the hard work – no matter who ‘won.’ This will allow you to celebrate your success and to be encouraged to set new goals, if you like. By creating this buddy system for your health, you will begin to change the way that you behave in your life and you will be able to take control of your body and the future of your health. You might all want to go on a health vacation together or you might want to head out to shop for new exercise equipment or outfits. This will help you see your success as something tangible.

Health monitoring with others is simple and it can be a lot of fun. Sign yourself and your friends up for a lifetime of fitness. In supporting each other, you will support your friendship and your commitment to wellness.

Health Assessments With Health Snapshot

Health Snapshot

But as many of us are still a little out of touch with the way our bodies feel, it can be helpful to use something like Health Reviser’s Health Snapshot on a daily basis. This health program will allow you to see just how healthy you are now and then you can track this progress from day to day. In just a few minutes, the program will measure the health in your body, allowing you to see whether you need to make more changes to your diet and exercise plan or if you are on the road to good health. Convenient to use and helpful for long term health assessment and monitoring, Health Snapshot allows you to see whether you need to make changes to your life – and then you can see how these changes improve your health.

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Health Snapshot

Personal health monitor. Tracks daily health changes and alerts on possible health issues (including cancer) on its early stage. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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