Why Volunteering Lowers Stress Levels

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When you are stressed about your life, it can seem as though nothing will make you feel better. No matter what you try, it seems that you are simply going to feel anxious until the problems are resolved or you can get away from it all. In times when you feel the world is pushing down on you, you might want to look into reaching out instead of pulling out your hair. When you volunteer, you will be able to change the way you feel about your life – and you can change a few lives at the same time.


Distraction Makes Stress Dissipate

Sometimes you simply need to be distracted in order to forget about the stress you face each day. By going in to volunteer for a favorite cause, you will become focused on what you are doing in that moment, leaving behind any other problems you might have. In doing so, you can begin to see that you are not as stressed as you thought you were and you might also find that your stress completely disappears, just because you distracted yourself for a while. This effect can be easily verified with Stress Monitor.

Finding a New Focus Helps

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Being able to focus on something else is the main reason why volunteering helps to lower stress levels. You will be able to focus on the tasks you have to complete as well as on the people or animals you might be helping. By listening to their stories and attending to their needs, you can forget about the stress in your life. You will be able to take your mind to their situations and to their problems, and then you can find ways to help. In fact, having someone to help often allows you to begin to problem solve for your own stress. Since you will begin to feel you can make a difference, you will take that energy and create a more positive attitude.

Learning the Lesson of Gratitude

Being grateful makes you forgetting your stress and enjoying life. When you see others around you who need help and are not able to get the help for themselves, it will cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your life. No longer will you feel that your life is stressful as you will see others who may be much worse off than you are. By realizing that your stresses may have been blown out of proportion, you can begin to see just how lucky you are.

Though volunteering will take time away from your family and friends, it will also allow you to begin to see the change you can make in the world. Instead of simply focusing on yourself, take time to look at others. You will see that you can create not only positive results, but also a positive attitude.

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