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Biological Age Test is designed:

  • for home biological age tests
  • to track biological age changes over time
  • to see what anti-aging procedures work better for you
  • to get alerted about sudden changes in biological age
  • to improve life quality and get younger

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Using Biological Age Test

This biological age test is calculated based on the body's ANS (autonomic nervous system) response on paced breathing. This method is backed-up by more then 15 years of scientific research, our scientists used it to evaluate the risk of myocardial infarction and overall health condition of the body. Years ago only professional doctors or scientists could perform this test, now anybody having computer can do this test in 1 minute time. The device is the same that is being used for education and research in dozens of Universities in USA and Europe, including Stanford School of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, The University of Tokyo and many others.

Biological Age Test takes only 1 minute. Device that is attached to your ear-clip or placed on a finger will be monitoring your body and send all data to your computer where it'd be analyzed. During that time you'll be asked to breathe following the on-screen pacer as deeply as you can.

Biological Age Test in action. To perform the test, follow step-by-step on-screen instructions. You'll be asked to sit down comfortably near your computer, attach the ear-clip on your ear lobe (or finger-tip device can be used instead) and plug-in monitoring device into USB port of your computer.

Plug-in your device
to USB port of your computer:
Attach ear-clip
on your earlobe or a finger
Doing Biological Age Test: Plug-in your device to USB port of your computer

Doing Biological Age Test: Attach ear-clip on your earlobe or a finger

Start the test and continue deep breathing following on-screen instructions for 1 minute. During that time device analyzes reaction of your body on deep paced breathing. The more sensitive your body is, the better shape you're in. This means that your body is capable to react immediately on changes in internal and external environments, which is a good sign of being younger.

When you're done Biological Age tool compares your results with results from a vast database of healthy individuals of your age group and generates the report. Our experts in anti-aging medicine created this model to calculate all necessary information to help you see how aging process (as well as health improvement procedures like vitamins, antioxidants, rejuvenation procedures, other exercises) affects your body's age. Here are the parameters displayed on the report.

Biological Age summary report

Current Biological Age. This parameter shows you the real age (biological or true age of your body age). If you are taking a good care of yourself don't be surprised to get an encouraging result showing that you are actually 5 years younger than in your passport. But what if this parameter is several years more than your Calendar Age? First of all don't get upset and try our recommendation how to improve real age and remember: you've got an amazing tool to evaluate the effectiveness of whatever you're doing to lower your real age! This tool is Health Reviser's Biological Age Test.

Current Calendar Age. This parameter reflects your current calendar age at the date the assessment was performed.

Biological Age Speed. Do you want to know how fast you're aging? How old biologically you're going to be in 12 calendar months? This parameter shows how many years you'll become older in 1 calendar year with the existing progress you are making, positive or negative. For example, the value "-2" means that if you do not change your lifestyle and/or anti-aging procedures you're taking, in 12 calendar months your biological age will be 2 years lower than it is now! .

Biological Age Tendency. This parameter shows the general biological aging direction and speed. This is a is very important sensitive parameter which is recommended to track on a regular basis to reveal sudden "jumps" in your biological age (accelerated aging) which might be an indicator of coming sickness. In that cases it is recommended to visit a doctor.

Biological Age tendency

Average Biological Age. This is one of the most important parameters. It is showing averaged biological (body) age value for a period of 12 months. Unless user worked on his or her body's biological age with anti-aging procedures in the last month or 2, this parameter is the most accurate representation of the user's biological (real) age. Why average biological age is included in Biological age test report? The reason is simple. Human body is a dynamically changing entity, and even biological age is changing every minute. While calendar age is constantly growing up, biological age may jump up or come down. A good sleep makes biological age to come down while a restless work might move it up in just several hours. That's why it is important to smooth these jumps in represent it in average value to give an idea what is your biological age for this year.

You now have the knowledge and the power to change this situation for the better. From this point on, you have options for improvement, such as changes in your diet, exercise, water consumption, if you smoke – quit, cut back on alcohol consumption, take a multivitamin, lose some weight, etc. As you make changes, you will be able to track your progress with Health Reviser. Seeing the improvements in your reports will give you a feeling of accomplishment and more incentive to continue. Making several changes at once is sometimes overwhelming, so try making one change at a time and track your progress with each change.

Improving Biological Age. Read our recommendations on how to improve biological age:

Biological age - why it is so important to know

Biological Age Test reportBiological Age monitor can help you become younger! The Biological Age test gives you an accurate measure of your true biological age, the direction of your ageing trend (older or younger), as well as the momentum or speed of that trend.
How will this information help you become younger? Using this tool you'll be able to see how your biological (body's) age is affected by weight, exercise habits, diet, stress levels, exposure to cigarette smoke, etc. That helps you determine what you can do to improve the factors that you can control. As you make changes in your lifestyle, Biological Age test will track these changes showing you the improvements in your health and your real biological age. It’s that simple!

Reveal health issues with Biological Age test. It is very important to monitor your Biological Age changes weekly or even more often using Biological Age test tool. Probably, in most cases your biological age would remain stable, but sometimes the age might jump up or down. This is almost never good, and in most cases this is a sign of a serious health issue. However, the tool cannot tell you details on that health issue, so you have to contact your doctor for a thorough health evaluation.
The good side is, however, that you can get the alert early enough (when used at least once a week) to get a good chance of a successful treatment.


Health Reviser new session


To start a new Biological Age Test you need to launch Health Reviser software on your computer and initiate new session.


Health Reviser Health Assessment


Select Health Assessment in order to navigate to the group of health-related assessments

Select Biological Age Test


Select Biological Age Test from the group of health assessments

Biological Age Test Instructions


Read instructions on how to conduct biological age test. It explains under what conditions it is recommended to start the assessment, what are the preparation steps and other instructions.

Biological Age Test Setup


Simple setup instructions for biological age test. You have to plug-in your pulse wave sensor to USB port, attach sensor to earlobe or finger tip.

Biological Age Test online


Conducting biological age test. User should breathe according to onscreen breathing pacer.

Biological Age Test Report


Results of the Biological Age Test. On this screen a report does not display interpretation results as user did not perform a required number of assessments.

Why Biological Age?

Biological Age scientistOne of the most common laws of gerontology says: “Everything inside everybody is getting older but at different speed”. That is why at the same calendar age of different individuals their whole bodies as well as specific organs and systems have different ages.

Thus an important issue arises – how to measure human real biological age? The importance of this issue is determined by necessity of recognition of signs of accelerated aging process and taking all possible measures to slow it down.

At this time there are numerous ways to slow down aging process such as taking vitamins and other special supplements, changing lifestyle (diet, physical exercise), etc. By knowing own real biological age an individual can change it and become younger.


Existing methods of evaluation of real biological age, their advantages and disadvantages

At this time there are two approaches in evaluation of human real biological age.

First approach is based on certain biological markers of body aging using objective physiological, genetic and other objective factors. For example special research conducted at medical labs of University of North Carolina, Michigan University and Harvard University has found a special gene p16INK4a responsible for aging at cellular level. Scientists at University of North Carolina state that it is possible to measure real biological age at molecular level based on evaluation of this particular gene. Another example, scientist at Moscow National Center of Gerontology suggested a new method of evaluation of real biological age based on specific set of physiological measures such as arterial pulse transit time, lung vital capacity, blood pressure, optical focus of eye lens, body mass, etc. This approach is no doubt has serious advantage of being very accurate. However it requires using very expensive equipment and can be done at professionally equipped setting.

Another approach is relatively simplistic and is based on using special questionnaires. By answering those questions it is possible to get relatively accurate estimate of real biological age. As an example such approach is used by well-known web portal – Despite its relative simplicity in use this approach has significant drawback. First, its accuracy significantly depends on answers based on very subjective information, which could be inaccurate due to misunderstanding of the questions or not knowing right answers. Secondly, such questionnaires consist of large number of questions, which require a lot of time to answer them. This could cause using incomplete results and less accurate evaluation.

Health Reviser approach is free of all disadvantages listed above. First, it is based on objective scientifically proven method of determination of real biological age using assessment of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) function. Secondly, our test takes less time – just one minute to get accurate result. Thirdly, it is very simple and can be performed by anyone.


Scientific Background

Many physiological parameters of human organism significantly change with age. High correlation with age was found in cardiovascular, hormonal, immune and other body systems and organs. All those systems are under constant control by the autonomic nervous system, which also degrades with age. This fact allows us considering age related changes in the autonomic nervous system function as a strong sign of human body aging process. This raises an issue of age related normal ranges for parameters of the autonomic nervous system function. At the same time it allows to assess body’s real biological age based on measured parameters of the autonomic function. There is large amount of scientific research papers in reputable peer review journals showing strong correlation between age and changes in the autonomic function. Vast majority of those research studies use parameters of heart rate variability as indicators of the autonomic function. Below is a list of some of those publications.

Functional changes in autonomic nervous responses with ageing. Collins KJ, Exton-Smith AN, and other. Age Ageing. 1980 Feb; 9(1): 17-24.


Authors tested autonomic function in 29 young and 64 old healthy subjects and showed that most of physiological measures decline with age.

Age dependency of cardiovascular autonomic responses to head-up tilt in healthy subjects. Laitinen T, Niskanen L, and other. J.Appl.Physiol. 2004 Jun; 96(6):2333-40.


Authors tested 63 healthy subjects of ages between 23 and 77 and found that dynamic ability of the autonomic regulation of the heart declines with age.

Circadian profile of cardiac autonomic nervous modulation in healthy subjects: differing effects of aging and gender on heart rate variability. Bonnemeier H, Richardt G, and other. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2003 Aug;14(8):791-9.


This study was conducted on 166 healthy volunteers (81 females and 85 males) of ages between 20 and 70. Significant decrease in all HRV parameters was found along with their strong negative correlation with age. Also found that normal aging process is characterized by continuous decline in cardio-vagal modulation due to significant decrease in activity of parasympathetic nervous system.


Standardized tests of heart rate variability: normal ranges obtained from 309 healthy humans, and effects of age, gender, and heart rate. Agelink MW, Malessa R, and other. Clin. Auton Res. 2001Apr;11(2):99-108.


309 healthy subjects were tested. Authors determined age and gender related dependencies of normal ranges for all HRV parameters.

Effect of aging on responses to autonomic cardiovascular tests. Raimondi G, Legramante JM, and other. J Gravit Physiol. 1999 Jul;6(1):141-2.


Significant age dependent correlation is found in reaction of cardiovascular system to various tests of the autonomic nervous system.

Age-adjusted normal confidence intervals for heart rate variability in healthy subjects during head-up tilt. Piccirillo G, Fimognari FL,and other. Int J Cardiol. 1995 Jun 30;50(2):117-24.


83 healthy volunteers of ages between 25 and 85 were tested using heart rate variability analysis. The results clearly showed that autonomic function significantly depends on age.

Autonomic function tests as related to age and gender in normal man. Gautschy B, Weidmann P, Gnadinger MP. Klin Wochenschr. 1986 Jun 2;64(11):499-505.


120 healthy subjects of ages between 22 and 92 were tested to assess the autonomic nervous system function. It is found that age dependent norms for autonomic test results substantially increase diagnostic value of this testing procedure.

Heart rate variability in healthy subjects: effect of age and the derivation of normal ranges for tests of autonomic function. O'Brien IA, O'Hare P, Corrall RJ. Br.Heart J. 1986 Apr;55(4):348-54.


310 healthy subjects of ages between 18 and 85 were tested. It is stated that normal values of the autonomic function parameters must be age dependent because heart rate variability decreases with age.

Differential changes of autonomic nervous system function with age in man. Pfeifer MA, Weinberg CR and other. Am J Med. 1983 Aug;75(2):249-58.


103 healthy subjects of ages between 19 and 82 were tested. Strong evidence of are related decreasing activity of parasympathetic nervous system function is found.
Aging of the autonomic nervous system. Shimazu T, Tamura N, Shimazu K. Nippon Rinsho. 2005 Jun;63(6):973-7. This article shows evidence that aging process is linked with morphological and functional deterioration of the autonomic nervous system, which controls most of the body’s organs and functions. Changes in the autonomic nervous system could have significant effect on entire organism. Age related changes in all parts of the autonomic nervous system: peripheral nerves, ganglia, autonomic functions including controlling cardiovascular function. Both sympathetic and parasympathetic functions are decreased with age.


Based on analysis of those publications we can state that certain physiological parameters representing body’s autonomic function can be used for assessment of human real biological age, which can differ from calendar age.


Method of Evaluation of Real Biological Age (True Body's Age)

Based on data from numerous research publications as well as results of our own research our experts came to conclusion that most reliable and robust methods of evaluation of real biological age are challenge tests, which measure capacity of the autonomic regulatory function. Specifically deep metronomic breathing test measures regulatory capacity of parasympathetic nervous system, which performance demonstrates extremely high correlation with age.

We have build a special normative database of results of slow metronomic breathing test gathered from about 400 healthy subject of ages between 15 and 80. Based on analysis of this data we created a unique algorithm of evaluation of real biological age, which became a core element of testing services provided by Health Reviser.


The Science Behind Biological Age Test

We mentioned above about the physiological input to assess biological age correctly. This “physiological input” is implemented in Biological Age test.Biological Age Science It’s known that baroreceptor strength is declining with age. The reason is simple: the sensitiveness of the body to any external or internal stimulant makes body easily adaptable to new environment and tells about its strong immunity to fight diseases. Therefore, it was decided to include both ANS and baroreceptor strength analysis into Biological Age test.

Now Biological Age Test is a simple to use tool that can be used at any computer by anybody to assess biological age. Person will get a detailed report containing person’s current biological age, biological age trend and a progress from the last test. It is an essential tool to monitor health condition and reveal some of the hidden health issues of the body.


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My wellness club became quite popular since we provided Health Reviser's Biological Age assessment to public, especially when Health Reviser wasn't popular yet. Nowadays I'm using Biological Age Test on myself and on all my family members.
Richard Shpak, Director