Work with Your Doctor to Lower Your Biological Age

Doctor And Biological Age

For many, the idea of their biological age is something that is new to them. While they might understand it’s important to take care of their body, actually lowering their biological age is something which is foreign - and may also be a strange concept to a doctor. If you talk to your doctor about the idea of biological age, you will find that you are not only able to improve your health, but you are also able to teach your doctor a thing or two about becoming younger.

Find Your Starting Point

How to find a starting point to lower biological age. One of the best ways your doctor can help you lower your biological age is to assess your current health. By checking and documenting your weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs, you will have a standard by which to measure your progress. It will help to begin by scheduling an appointment with your doctor to talk about your overall health and what changes you are planning to make. If your doctor has any advice for you, then they can share it, but if not, they can at least give you the go ahead to get starting on this biological age lowering program.

Keep Your Doctor Updated

Work with your doctor for Lower Biological Age

Depending on your current health status, your doctor may want you to check in frequently about your biological age program. You might go in for quick checks of your vital signs, while go in for more extensive testing after a few months. Doing this will help you and your doctor see the progress you’re making, while also helping you both to learn more about what’s working for you and what might not be working for your biological age program.

Set Long Term Goals Together

If your doctor wants to be even more involved, they can help you set biological age goals. Knowing your health history, they will be able to tell you what you can expect from your health habit changes and what might not be possible. You can both create a list of goals to meet and then put them in your medical record chart. At each visit, you can update your doctor on the goals and then see if you need to adjust your program once you see how much closer or further away the goals are.

Your doctor can be instrumental in helping you lower your biological age. By listening to your needs, your plans, and your goals, you can both begin to see just how much of a different small diet and lifestyle changes can do for your body. And you might both be surprised in the end by what you and your body can really do.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

Biological Age Test

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. It’s never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track one’s biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.

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Biological Age Test

Biological Age Test. Personal tool to evaluate and monitor biological age. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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