Three Common Home Health Questions

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In your home, health should be a major concern. Since you’re living with other people, your duty is to do as much as you can to ensure the home is healthy. But for many people, there are more questions than there are answers to the common home health issues. And since information is so readily available these days on the Internet, you might find conflicting information, causing you to be even more confused than you were before. In order to give you the right information, here are the answers you need to the top three common home health questions.

Does Air Quality Matter For My Health?

While you might not think about the air around you, it affects you. If your air contains particulate matter, you might not know it, but it can impact your home health. In order to make sure that you are giving your body and your family the best air possible, you need to make sure you are testing the air quality from time to time. You can do this by hiring an air quality specialist to help you with this task or you can install air filters which can remove particulates from the air. It’s also a good idea to have the air tested for radon and carbon monoxide as these are silent killers which can cause cancer or death if they’re not removed from the air.

How Can I Keep Children Out of Dangerous Things?

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If you have younger children, keeping dangerous chemicals stored away is a primary home health concerned. One way to keep children from ingesting something dangerous is to only use all natural products. While these cleaning solutions might still be harmful if eaten, they’re not nearly as toxic as those with dangerous chemicals. Another way to ensure your children don’t ingest dangerous chemicals is to have a lock installed on the cupboard where you store those bottles. The lock should only open with a key so that you can be sure your children are safe.

Is There Any Way to Prevent Food Poisoning?

When your family enjoys eating meat, you need to be more aware of the issue of food poisoning. It can help for you to have one cutting board only for meat and one for other items you have to cut. This way, there is no cross contamination when you are cooking. In addition, you will want to make sure that you are washing your hands thoroughly after cooking meat and cleaning up any spills with a paper towel which can be thrown away. It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re buying organic and free range local meats whenever possible since these have a lower incidence of food poisoning to begin with.

Health Monitoring at Home Makes Sense

Health Snapshot

When you use a program like Health Snapshot at home, you can let your doctor into your home without having to go to an health check appointment everyday. They will be able to see the seven different health indicators change as your habits change. You will also be able to do this health assessment on a daily basis as the test only take a few minutes of your time. This program is simple and it keeps track of all of your results over the course of time, showing you and your doctor what your health really looks like – in and out of the doctor’s office.

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Health Snapshot

Personal health monitor. Tracks daily health changes and alerts on possible health issues (including cancer) on its early stage. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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