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Find The Best Health Monitoring Program
For many people, the only time they care about their health and monitor their health is when they are feeling ill. At those times, it seems quite important to listen to your body and to begin to take steps to feel better. However, while health monitoring does make sense when you’re sick, you might be able to avoid getting sick in the first place by having a health monitoring program in place. Whether you choose to monitor your health on your own or you choose to purchase a health monitoring program, there are many ways in which you are able to watch your health and take steps to improve it. Health Monitoring On Your Own Though it seems simple, just checking in with your body each day is a great way to make sure that you are healthy. Ask yourself a few times a day how you feel and what you could do to feel better. If you aren’t feeling well, ask yourself why...

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Water and health
One of the biggest health secrets is the value of drinking water, and drinking enough water every day. Why is it so important to drink enough water? Lack of water causes loss of muscle tone, excess weight gain, slow metabolism, increased toxicity, and even organ failure. Other negative effects...
Acid-alkaline balance
What is the acid/alkaline balance? Why is it so important to optimize it? Can it cause the disease? How else it affects our lifes? What do we need to optimize acid/alkaline balance and to reflect it in our diet?