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Fitness Test is designed:

  • to see your fitness level on the worldwide scale and compared to other people of your age and gender
  • to get target heart rate for each day workouts
  • for home fitness assessments
  • to track fitness progress over time
  • to see what fitness exercises improve your fitness level

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Woman exercising, fitness test reportGetting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder.

The best way to improve your fitness and see results is to train at the right intensity. With a Health Reviser tools, you can make sure you’re not over or under training and make the most out of each session.

Use Health Reviser along with your training and you’ll measure your progress day by day getting excited about coming workouts!


Health Reviser fitness features and benefits

Target heart rate zone.
Target Heart Rate

Depending on the day and time, your physical state might vary. You might be stressed or tired, or you have not fully recovered disease or your last workout, Health Reviser detects that state from your current physical condition and guide you to your ideal training zone for that moment. With Health Reviser, you’ll know the exact suitable target zones for your training.

Fitness Level

Fitness test reportAre you really improving your fitness?  Health Reviser's fitness test reveals your fitness level in 3 minutes. You'll see where you stand on fitness scale compared to national-level sportsmen!

This test will not strain you, as it requires you to just keep sitting for 1 minute, stand up and stay for 2 more minutes.

See the progress you're making! Every time you do this fitness test, you can see the improvement since last time you've performed the test. You'll also see your fitness history for days, weeks, months and years since the moment you started using Health Reviser!

Biological (Body's) Age

Biological Age test reportBiological Age is one of the most important fitness parameters. It shows the physiological age of your body that directly affects body's strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Do not be afraid to get your real age number and make everything possible to lower it.

While Health Reviser gives basic tips on how to lower your bilogical age, you can work with your personal coach to slow down your ageing.

If your Aging Speed is low you're on the right way, even if your current biological age is higher than your calendar age. Just do not forget to double check your biological age next week.

Exercise Recovery

Exercise Recovery test reportAre you interested in getting better results in less time in your training? The Exercise  Recovery Test  tells you how long to rest between each set, based on your exercise recovery time. 

Forget standardized recovery periods between sets and get more reliable guidance by listening to your body's physiological responses.


What is your personal best time to exercise?

Exercise Recovery test reportWe're all human but we all are not even. One's best time to exercise is morning, for another it might be evening. If you schedule workouts not in "your time", you're straining your heart without having significant progress. The best time to exercise is determined by a certain number of health characteristics which is collected and analyzed by Health Reviser. Why not find out your best time to exercise and stop guessing?


Why choose Health Reviser?

Our team is dedicated to bring people up to speed on their health and fitness.

Technologies that we use backed up by 15 years of scientific research and practical use in USA and worldwide .

We test and improve our algorithms on thousands of volunteers, including members of national sport teams.

Health Reviser has been chosen as health and fitness monitoring tool for astronauts in MARS 500 - the full-length simulated flight to Mars. We're proud that scientists worldwide trust Health Reviser and use it in expensive global project.

Using Fitness test

Prepare for the test. Fitness Test provides simple-to-follow instructions to get started including visuals. Plug-in USB pulse wave sensor, attach the ear-clip to your earlobe or a finger, sit down and relax.

Plug-in your device
to USB port of your computer:
Attach ear-clip
on your earlobe or a finger
Plug-in your device to USB port of your computer

Attach ear-clip on your earlobe or a finger

Once you’re ready click the “Start” button for recording. The device will be turned into recording state to monitor and transmit the data to your computer.

You will be asked to sit comfortable watching beautiful landscapes and listening relaxing music for 1 minute, than prompted to stand up and continue standing for the next 2 minutes. The tool will monitor, analyze your body's reaction on that and give you a fitness report at the end.

Fitness test report

Your Age Fitness. This parameter reflects your fitness level compared to the fitness level of healthy individuals of your age group. It shows how good you are for your age.

Fitness Level. This parameter reflects your current fitness level on the worldwide scale. It is verbal-numeric: you get the verbal value (Depleted - Very Poor - Poor -Fair - Good - Very Good - Excellent) as well as its numeric representation: 0.0-7.0. Given this value and result interpretations you can see how fit you are, set up goals to achieve the excellent value. Note: to have the correct fitness level value you must avoid having certain conditions (see program screens for details) before monitoring. However, if the required conditions are not met the fitness level parameter can be interpreted as a level of current fitness power: higher before the training and lower after it. Professional athletes use this parameter before the championship to determine their readiness.

Progress Since Last Test. This parameter shows the progress you've made since the last time you've performed the Fitness Test.Use this parameter to track the short-term effectiveness of your fitness program.

Last 6 months progress. This parameter shows the progress you've made in fitness level during the last 6 months. Use this parameter to track the long-term effectiveness of your fitness program.

Average Fitness Level. This parameter shows your fitness level averaged in last 3 months.

Best Fitness Level. This parameter shows your best fitness level since the very first fitness test performed by you in Fitness Test. You can beat your personal record at any time!


Know your fitness level

Computer Fitness Test

Whether you just begin your fitness program or already in progress, fitness level is a very important indicator that should be taken into account in order to select the right set of exercises. Professional coaches highly recommend everybody to assess their fitness level and to begin their workout with exercises designed for that level. If your fitness club hasn't joined Health Reviser fitness program, make sure to use Physical Fitness Test every time before going to gym.


What is your best time to workout?


Each individual has its own best time to workout. It's the best time to make progress and to minimize harm to the organism that might not always be ready for an exercise. It is recommended to take several fitness level assessments: in early morning, late morning, afternoon etc... And repeat it for 2-3 days. The time of the day when your fitness level is the highest is the best time for workout. It may be a surprise for you that morning jogging should be moved to the evening time or vice versa - whatever fitness test is telling you.


How much to exercise?


It is very important to spend the right amount of time exercising for optimal results. Do not overtrain or undertrain the body. Fitness test report will provide you target heart rate diagram (in addition to fitness level) for every day workout. Combining Fitness Test with Health Snapshot after workout gives the insight on how exhaustive the training was for the body. Do not allow negative Health Snapshot reports after workout. Such workouts will be good neither for your fitness nor health.


Should I lift weights?


Whether you're a beginner or a well trained athlete, lifting weights may or may not be what move you up to the next fitness level. Read recommendations on Fitness Test report on what exercises are good for your fitness level. Athletes and fitness professionals may use dynamics of fitness level changes in order to optimize fitness program for best results.

Why do I need to know my fitness level?

Measuring fitness levelFitness level is one of the most important measures of your fitness condition. It reflects body's readiness to withstand physical exercise. For athlete this is more a competition measure, while beginner needs to know fitness level to find an optimal fitness program. And everybody use fitness level to know whether they got stuck or moving forward in their fitness.

How to assess fitness level? Just a few years ago the most effective way to do that was an expensive medical procedure. However, these days we do not need to strain the heart while breathing in oxygen mask. Now fitness assessment can be performed by anybody at home in 3 minutes.

Fitness test takes just 3 minutes. What do you need for that? A pulse wave sensor, PC running Windows XP or newer and the latest scientific software. You'll be able not only assess your fitness level, but to see how fit you are on the worldwide scale and comparing to people of your age and gender. The worldwide scale for the fitness level was normalized with test results of the national olympic team.

Keep your heart in a safe zoneAvoid overtraining! If you can spare 3 minutes before hitting the gym, the Fitness Test will help you determine what workload is best for you that day. Did you know that when you overtrain, you cease making progress, and can even begin to lose strength and fitness? Improvements in strength and fitness occur only during the rest period following hard training. This process takes at least 12-24 hours to complete. If sufficient rest is not available then complete renewal cannot occur. If this imbalance between hard training and insufficient rest continues then your fitness level will eventually plateau and decline. Fitness Test readings are sensitive to the levels of exhaustion, stress and fatigue found in your body.

Track your real fitness progress!Track your fitness progress. You work hard at staying fit – wouldn’t you like to know how much progress you’re making? How do you know that the amount of time you spend on exercise is right for you?

Day in, day out, you exercise or train on a rigid schedule, but are you aware of the progress you're making? How often do you exercise, or how often should you exercise? Fitness Test was designed for well-trained athletes as well as for beginners, to be able to track their fitness progress over time. If you use Fitness Test on a regular basis and under similar conditions, it will show you the fitness progress you're making. You'll see the clear-cut changes in your fitness level day by day with real-time data showing you how much strength you were able to gain. You can even compare your fitness level with athletes around the world to see where you stand on the worldwide scale.

Personal Target Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate
Note: this is a SAMPLE target heart rate diagram from Fitness Test report, shown for demonstration purposes only.

Along with fitness level results Fitness Test report contains Target Heart Rate diagram displayed above. Using target heart rate zones will help you optimize your fitness program for optimal results, whether it's a weight management goal, performance or etc. However, remember to follow recommendations in your last fitness test report on types of exercises and its intensity. It is recommended to do a Fitness Test to obtain the latest target heart rate diagram before going to gym.

The Science Behind Fitness Test

Fitness Test scienceFitness Level evaluation. Fitness Test evaluates your current fitness level. What does that mean? Your fitness level means your body’s ability to withstand a physical workload (how much) and to recover in a timely manner. In everyday life you can see how some people can easily run several miles, while others can’t walk for more than 10 minutes. The difference in these people is in their fitness level.

Fitness tests - old methods. There are number of tests that can be used to supposedly determine fitness level. These tests are based on BMI, Weight, Resting Heart Rate, VO2 Max, Push Ups… However, these tests are either expensive or/and inaccurate for some simple reasons. It is very difficult to develop standards based on a test time interval just because the number of sit ups, push ups and their accuracy varies a lot during the test. In addition, heart rate measures after exercise are difficult to make accurately, you have to use a heart rate monitor. Anyway, these methods were created a long time ago, when computer did not exist yet, therefore should be excused for their inaccuracy.

Fitness tests - newest, the most accurate, methods. What are the most effective and accurate methods in assessing fitness level today? This Fitness Test is based on the one of the most accurate methods of fitness assessment. Computer diagnostics of the autonomic nervous system response on a simple standup maneuver. The standup maneuver causes heart rate to rise within the first 10-15 seconds because blood pressure drops due to gravitational redistribution of the blood mass. Then the cardiovascular system attempts to compensate an orthostatic effect of standing up by constricting peripheral blood vessels. As a result blood pressure returns to its normal level and heart rate drops. Athlete body reaction is fast and strong, while sedentary lifestyle makes body react with a delay and a little amplitude. This serves as a base of determining a fitness level.

Fitness scientistsFitness tests - international collaboration effort. This fitness test was created by a group of scientists from USA, Europe, Russia, Japan and other countries. The research was based on a vast amount of fitness tests on volunteers of different ages and gender starting from people who never exercised and ending up with a national Olympic team. This research data allowed to develop a unique algorithm of fitness assessment. This algorithm represents one’s fitness level on two different scales – absolute, where user’s results are compared with a full-range of individuals, another scale is age- and gender-related. The absolute scale compares your fitness level with beginners and top athletes of all ages and gender. If you are competitive, this is exactly what you need. Try to get the highest score and beat a national sport team. At the same time this is not a very good scale for beginners and seniors. At certain age it is very difficult, for even well trained body, to compete with 18 y.o. individuals because of body’s physiology (and in most cases it’s not a good idea). However, when you switch to the age-related scale, you can always get an excellent fitness score; and your goal would probably be to keep it for as long as possible. So, do not wait. Get your absolute and age-related fitness level today! This would help you improve your fitness to the highest level and, the most important, stay healthy.


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I must say this fitness test is the most accurate and fast I've seen so far. No need for oxygen mask and expensive procedures... Once I validated the Health Reviser's Fitness test, I started using it regularly before/after gym, tracking progress. It's a great time saver, takes just 3 minutes, and I do not strain my heart after all just before the workout. Highly recommend.
Roger W, Minnesota, personal coach